About Creality 3D

Creality 3D is a professional 3d printer manufacturer, specializing in integrating 3d printing software research, 3d printer design, and 3d printer distributing & reselling as a whole. We encourage everyone to join Creality 3D to learn more about 3d printing and enjoy the convenience of technology.

Product Category

FDM 3D Printer


Get access to Creality first leveling-free 3d printer CR-6 SE, $430 million funds, 10401 backers supported, check more details here.


Ender-6 3D Printer
Creality New cubic Ender-6 3d printer with higher precision and quick printing speed, printing size of 250*250*400mm.

Ender-3 V2

Creality Official Hot-sale Ender-3 V2 3D Printer with the Wholesale Price Offered, Suitable for Business Start-up, Join Us and Become One of the Creality 3d Printer Distributors or Resellers Overseas.


Creality Ender-3 3D Printer|An open-source 3d printer with amazing printing precision and affordable price, quite the best 3d printer for beginners.

Ender-3 Pro

Ender-3 Pro
Creality Ender-3 Pro 3d printer | A perfect home 3d printer equipped the wider Y axis mounts, more reliable brand power supply. The thermal runaway protection function also added ensures a safer working environment.


Creality Ender-5 3d printer| Newly designed cubic 3d printer come with wider Y-axis printing space, and different printing systems from top to end unlike other FDM 3d printers, fully customized for those people who love complicated installation and try new types of 3d printing.

Resin 3D Printer


2020 Creality Newly Released High Precision Resin 3D Printer with large printing volume is Coming, Professional & Advanced Light Source Added, Easy to Leveling, Great Product for Business Start-ups. Quote For Wholesale Price Now.


Creality LD-002R Resin 3d printer | 119*65*160mm | Ultra HD 2K LCD screen | ChiTuBox slicer | safe air purification system | Anti-aliasing effect | stable ball-type linear rails | high resolution


Creality Box

creality box
Connected to the Creality Box, your 3d printer can realize real-time remote control and printing monitoring, relevant parameters set up directly by the APP of Creality Cloud.

3D Printer Enclosure

creality bag
Aluminum foil with flame retardant, good heat preservation effect, flame retardant, rub resistance, and is removable.

Heating Block Silicone Case

Heating Block Silicone Case

Resin Filament

Resin filament
LCD/DLP common photosensitive resin with several colors specialize in SLA 3d printer, high accuracy, stable printing models and fast printing speed.

PLA Filament

PLA Filament
Finding PLA 3d printing filament with higher quality and good flexibility, creality pla would be your best choice supplier company, several colors are optional, lowest price, it can last for about 6 months once it is opened, expire period:1 year


Creality Special Harden Steel Nozzle Kit Set, compatible with 3d printers like Ender-3 / Ender 3 Pro / Ender-5/ CR-6 SE / CR-6 Max 3d printer, etc. copper plate: 1 pcs 0.25mm + 2 pcs 0.4mm+1 pcs 0.6mm harden steel: 1 pcs 0.25mm + 2 pcs 0.4mm+1 pcs 0.6m

Why Choose Creality?

Brand Advantages

High market recognition

200,000 users’ community

The annual shipment exceeds 500,000 pieces

80% of products are exported to foreign countries

R&D Advantages

Over 100 professional R&D members

National R&D center and 3D printing laboratories

Increasing investment in product research and development

Over 20 core patents of independent intellectual property rights

Production Advantages

4 professional test lines

16 modem production lines

Over 20,000 m² company base

The monthly production capacity exceeds 60,000 pieces

Honors that Creality Earned From 3D Printing Industry Medias

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