CR-20 3D Printer

Newly 3D printer with upgraded chip and convenient function. Creality CR-20 3d printer, focus more on the quality, more simple but exquisite.

Creality CR-20 3D Printer

[Integrated modular design, simple but generous]: This Creality 3d printer designed with the integrated module, it is very simple but generous;

[2 screws for quick installation]: Creality CR-20 3D Printer, just two modules, just need six screws and can be quickly installed;

[Pring speed]: Creality CR-20 3D Printer, using V2.1 mainboard, make the printing speed more stable;

[Self-adhesive platform]: Creality CR-20 3D Printer, with the self-adhesive platform, more convenient to take the model;

[Resume print after powering-off]: Creality CR-20 3D Printer, adds the power failure continued to function to make sure the model can be printer normally.